(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Pay A Pal

Pen a pal and,
Pay a pal;
With your love,
With your muse,
With your joy!
Picutre, literature, structure, adventure, puncture, fracture, future;
The face of a lion,
The face of a monkey,
The face of a man,
With the story that i am about to tell you;
But, pen a pal and pay a pal.

The vampire!
A mass slaughter;
In the name of war! !
But, i do have my pen in the hand to write out my mind;
Pest, fest, test, best, safest, latest, nest, west, crest, rest!
With the ways of mankind on this earth today.
Ant, Anthony!
To pen a pal and to pay a pal;
Full, bull, pull, mull, hull, null, dull, gull, lull, cull!
With the power from thew tail of the deceiver;
But, wail for the tears of war.

The muse of life and the ways of the odds!
Being tossed by the wave of the sins around you today;
Since, there is no love among the people,
Because of hatred and war.
Some aplea are very bitter and,
Some apples are very sweet!
So, pen a pal and pay a pal;
For, the sea is now calm with the words of true love.

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Pen a pal and pay a pal....sea is calm with true lovely words. Really a nice poem on care giving. Thanks for sharing your work.