Pay No Attention

Pay no attention
When people talk about you behind your back
You are two steps forward
Just make sure that you stay on track
They really have nowhere to go
All that is, is nothing but idle chatter
Let no one stand in your way
As time passes, none of the small talk will matter

by Ronell Warren Alman

Comments (2)

................ cont. but listening and considering what people say to your a good idea. one doesn't have to believe what others say, but sometimes one may benefit from what others 'say'. there may be at least some truth to it and it may be helpful to act on it. it could be called counseling, like what you do in your peoms! bri :)
not bad advice. but i never heard anyone 'talk behind my back'. i'm SURE they HAVE, but it was behind my back and i didn't hear them, ............especially now that i've gotten OLDER! ! !