(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Payet, tea, pet, pay, yet!
He shuns evil,
She shuns evil,
Living with positive morals;
To hold on the truth! !
The facts,
With the works of integrity.

Up and down!
Back and forth,
Blameless and upright,
Repent from your sins and learn from the truth! !
To accept the laws according to the Commandments;
With honour and glory!
Without hurting your neighbours.

Your life;
Let it be led with the works of the truth,
And be en example to others in your land.

Properly centered with love;
To cover up and to protect yourself from the world,
A defence! !
Defended with the muse of the truth.

The gate of love,
This beautiful city! !
To enter in,
With the echoes of the truth.

Respect nature and, nature will respect you!
Respect all mankind and live in peace;
Without racism.

People of charity!
Sisters of charity,
Brothers of charity,
Peace and love;
To know what is right and, to do what is right.

With an ordinary pen;
Writing with the ink of the pen,
Able to touch the hearts of many!
The stories of life,
In the name of poetry.

Terrorism! ! !
Swift to the spoil;
Only to kill and destroy,
But it will never bring us peace.

With a gift in your hand;
Muse, fuse, use!
Not to refuse the works of the truth,
But, the world is very dangerous today! !

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