G (MARCH 23, 1951 / )


I've got to rest my weary mind,
It labored hard today.
It washed my clothes, and fixed my chair,
And threw my trash away.

It focused every moment spent
On things it shouldn't do.
For all I know it wasted those,
By thinking just of you.

I should have paid for overtime,
But can't afford it now.
I spend it all on silly ways
To keep my sacred vow.

She still don't know, I act the same.
I've learned how not to tell.
Sometimes, I think it best she know.
Perhaps, it's just as well.

For now, you haunt my sleeping hours
By seeping through my dreams.
I can't escape you anymore.
My thoughts aren't mine it seems.

How can I live my life this way?
This man, whom she adores.
Not seeing harm in telling lies,
As I have told her scores.

What joy is there in keeping vows,
A weary mind can't say?
What rest is there to thus be found
While holding love at bay?

I guess I've got to pay somehow
For what I want to do.
My mind is working overtime.
And payment's, coming due.

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always brilliantly written. your words very insightful and profound.
Besides the structure and flow which is always excellent in your poems, I felt this poem has great depth and wisdom.
Hi Greenwolfe 1962, I have enjoyed reading this poem.I think your form and structure are excellent.Also, there is present in your work that innate rhythm which is a characteristic of good writing. Enoch John
Hello Again... I know you said you don't care for my short poems but here's one any way regarding your poem 'Paying'... Double Occupancy Her house My heart From neither can he depart and We collapse Under the strain... Try to rebuild But fall again From the weight of the pain! Dorothy
A very good poem.We want to escape many times in our life but this is not easy.You have described it psychologically.Good job.
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