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Payment Due
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Payment Due

Poem By Louis Graziaplena

If I would but calculate all that I've done for you,
Who could determine how much be due,
All the times I've bandaged your knee,
How many times had you done anything for me,
Each time I woke up with you during the night,
Always were more than the times you'd treated me right,
I can't count the times I've taken you to school,
Nor remebmer the times you made me look like a fool,
Consider the times I've made you lunch in all,
Against how many times you've answered my call,
How hard I worked to buy your shoes,
And all the arguments I'd manage to lose,
The phone calls I've answered from all of your friends,
I was always the one that would have to make amends,
Staying out late, causing me to worry so much,
Forgetting your curfew, not believing in such
Washing your clothes, ironing them too,
The list goes on, what I've done for you,
How could you pay now for the bill that is due,
So much I'd done, you never knew.

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