Poem Hunter
David Lehman (June 11, 1948 / New York City)


for Aaron Fogel

personal computers
point and click.

President Clinton
(codename Peacock)
can't protect
crack pushing
Communist Party
cops pursuing
a care package
of peasant consciousness
in a car park.

Poverty's a crime,
and capital punishment
par for the course,
in this penal code.

A plausible cliffhanger
can't cure the paralyzed,
prevent cancer,
or prepare California
for Perry Como,
that peerless crooner.

Pitcher and catcher confer.
O cornet player, play
"Pomp and Circumstance"
please, in the partly cloudy
cool Pacific.

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Comments (2)

'PC" , when it means' personal computers', causes a very different emotional response in me than 'political correctness'. Personal computers are a positive thing to have. One day I might be able to get my own computer, instead of using library ones. A fair enough comment about Bill Clinton.
I loathe the idea of 'political correctness'. Can politicians ever be 'correct? ' I prefer to think for myself thanks.