killing off my language and my culture
eating up my land like a vulture
cutting off my hair cause its not there style
line us up in Indian file
my ancestor walked thousand miles
these fools live in denials
treating us like we weren't even human
shooting us as target practice
raping us cause they hate the color of our skin
hanging us if we don't follow there belief
starving us to kill us off
forcing us to live in crap condition
making us accept the book of lies
telling us we don't have souls
killing our elder so the tradition don't get passed on
throwing our kids into the river cause it dead weight
taking our life stock cause its too much
leaving our sheep to rot
braking our homes for there entertainment
cutting our tongues for speaking dine
coursing our people, for there game
selling our belongs to the rich cause it interesting
you called this peace?
after millions are decease

by Delson Dez

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