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Lifes fragile it hangs by a string in the air
how u live it up gives u your own flare
break all the boundaries if u dare
its hard to find some one who actually cares
to many people are breaking down they dont like the scare
Truth is... people really cant handle change
they live the rest of there lives out in shame
not knowing how to play the game
theyre forced back into the shadows of hurt and pain
too many people have nothing to gain
so it contributes to them going insane
living like a robot each days the same
just keep making money for the big corporate names
we need some originality thats not the same
like springs first fallen rain
something new to keep the people sane
what we need is love not hate
we already have enough hate to generate
a nuclear bomb
it shows that societys not perfect it has its flaws and wrongs
thats y we rap about it and sing it in so many songs
people need to open there eyes
they need to stop, look real hard and realize
the government isnt faithful they feed us lies
they say things that are i disguise
anything to keep us in there hypnotize
they pretend to listen to are pleas and are cries
they just keep on feeding us lies
they dont spend money on good reasons
we have a different war every season
why promote a lost cause
it only makes it clear that the government has more flaws
its probably why we have so many unfair laws
if the people took a stand we can make a change
save our land and take down the man
people are only giving it 50 percent
the worlds falling apart this is not how it was meant
theres poverty, war, suicide, and hate
all people do is discriminate
everyone needs to stop before its to late
or no will be able to escape our fate
with out doing anything our world will be doomed
thats a safe bet that i can assume
no one seems to realize we are all just the same
we are all humans but with different names
we should try to make a difference at least
imagine if everyone supported world peace
it could be more powerful than u could ever think
we can save the human race from going extinct

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