AW (A Long while ago / England)


Peace the absence of War
The presence of justice
Freedom delivered on a B52
War the tool for Peace
Tyrannical enforcer removed
Evil personified, or reflected
Peace the victim of who’s truth
Democracy imposed equals Peace?
The corridors of time littered
With the bones and bodies
Of those who had no choice
Either way they were victim
To the power of Peace imposers
Think as we think, live as we live
Do as we do, believe as we believe
Then peace will be your prize
No hidden motives in Caspian sea
Neo-imperialist wrapped in flags
What is the price of Peace
Monopoly of resources
Global market, personal gain
Oil men in tall hats, crippled souls
For where your heart is
There also is your treasure
Mammon strives for peace
But not at all cost
Just the market price
Peace, peace they cry
But there is no peace
Where justice is blind.

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