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BMR (4/17/1994 / West Virginia)


I think the time has come, the time to say goodbye
It's definitely pretty obvious, that I'm just not the guy
I did my best and I still came out short
but I'm your biggest fan and you'll always have my support

But It's time.
It's time I put a stop to the destruction of my heart
It's time to give my love life, a fresh new start
But I have to thank you, cause you helped me learn
that love is a feeling that has to be earned

Never did I tough that I could fall this hard
before I ever met you my heart was in constant guard
but this love taught me that its ok to let myself fall
to let my heart beat a little, to reconnect with my soul

Life is a book of experiences. Experiences we need to go through
But its time I close this chapter, It's been a little bit overdue.
You've been living in my head and commuting to my heart
and if i don't put a roadblock soon, you'll gonna tear me apart

Im not mad at you, I'm angry at me
for letting myself get shot with bullets that I could easily see
cause I knew this was coming. I knew I was gonna get hurt
and every time I tried to quit you, all it took was your flirt

I gave your words too much power
a look could make my day go sour
but holding you makes all the pain disappear
and brings out a smile from ear to ear

I don't know what else to do, to get myself over you
I've tried to go out of my way to meet somebody new
But I can't meet anyone cause my heart is stuck
I've pushed away so many and that feeling simply sucks

I would do anything to kill my feelings and free my mind
so far writing poems is what helps me unwind
because nothing is working and I don't know what else to do
I think of you everyday. you are my constant deja vu

I love loving you and I've hate that I'm in love
this love is like a case of asthma, one I can't get rid of
One that in the mornings leaves me out breath
and late at night is torture; cause i'm dying a slow death

But I walk away knowing that I gave you all I had
and I'll do it all over again, believe me, I'll be glad.
But my love is intense and your interest discrete.
love is not a highway, is a two way street

So I wave goodbye without regrets
now I know how hard love gets
But I walk away with my head held high
knowing that I truly loved you and I gave it my best try


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