I am peace, riding the notes of love,
Coming to those who believe,
Balancing on the wings of a dove.
A dove released from a child,
carrying an olive branch
Bringing hope to the children of the world
Higher and higher he flies,
as the sun burns the sky,
A sunset appears on the horizon
The dove takes his place with others,
bursting into a heart shape
White, serene, sweet, and still...
The sun trumpets my coming
as the colors dance in the sky, I am peace as I stand among the doves,
I hear the sound of children holding hands,
"We are the generations of our ancestors,
We will inherit this world.
We hope that peace will fill the hearts of our elders.
We pray that peace will se us free,
For we are the children of the world. I am peace, I will never perish,
My heart will always be light,
as doves floating in the wind,
Twirling with music, love and laughter.

by Chris Houk

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