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Poem By Johnny Bruce Grinols

From my eyes I see a land of peace,
For as far as my eyes can see!
Should you look into my eyes, to see what I see;
Then, you too, will see this land of peace,
For as far as your eyes can see! And, when others wish to see such as you and me;
By looking into our eyes, to see what we see;
Then, they too, will see this land of peace,
For as far, as their eyes can see!
Learning the power of this word, called Peace! And from their eyes, our land of peace,
Will spread to all the lands of the World;
Where still others, who will then learn this power,
And, see this land of Peace that we do see; So, that someday, everyone will see our land of peace,
For as far as their eyes can see.
And, from this beginning, from what we have seen;
Then, with hope, for all of God's creations;
On this beautiful planet named Earth;
Will they live in and know the power of the word called, Peace!

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