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NLC (6/11/76 / )


Poem By Nancy L Cohen

Sitting here in a small corner restaurant with
quiet commotion all around
Smoke fills the air. Conversation fills the air.
The aromas from the dishes and drinks fill the air.
Outside the day is bright and sunny.
Cars, buses, motorcycles, people walking…. passing us right by.
The city with its high rises and hidden treasures await me.
Excitement starts to fill my belly as the energy comes at me.
Everything feels so alive and rejuvenated.
The world is so different now.
No matter what “circumstances” are happening,
contentment is mine.
I pause for a sip of my cappuccino.
Emotions start to over take me.
Laughter wants to come.
Tears want to come.
“GOD” I want to scream!
How can this be?
This is all so new.
I want a life of this!
I will have a life of this.
I feel dreamy.
Does anyone understand this look on my face?
This feeling inside?
The peaceful thought is “I don’t care”!
Because it is all mine!
Peace! ! ! ! !

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