Poem Hunter
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)


Finding a space in my normal awareness,
A space of positive peaceful being,
A space where music plays,
A symphony of sound fills the air.
The ear, what a magnificence organ.
Connections, nerves, sense.

The air I breathe,
Joy, love, peace, balance, harmony
I deliver good.

I am one in the universe,
I choose to connect with,
You, peaceful being, my loving kindness.

Peace my guide,
I love and trust the process,
and arrive home.
All is well.
I am here now, in the presence of peacefulness.
Peace fills the spaces between my discontent.

I am joyful and in bliss,
I share heavenly meaning,
With you our peaceful being.

(Friday 28 April 2006, Bolton, UK)

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