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Peace - A Color Transition.
RKV (1985- / India)

Peace - A Color Transition.

Poem By Raghav Kumar VSS

I had just dreamt of a peaceful world.
Hundreds of white doves were fleeting over my head.

The sounds from their wings were the claps of their happiness.
They were all dancing with the wind, I saw.

To watch the joyful flight of those white birds.
I decided to rest myself facing the spacious blue skies.

On a lushy green grass with my hands that pillowed my head.
I felt it is real peace and is what everyone needs.

It all may be only in my imagination.
But, peace is the synonym of love on this Earth.

When spreaded all over, peace blooms and illumines.
Only in compassion, satisfaction blossoms and we'll enjoy peace.

It makes us smile from fears and when we are in tears.
Peace is the triumph of universal togetherness.

- Raghav 'Peace is in our hands! '

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