Your standing there with your pretty brown eyes,
Are you being for real or are you in disguise.
I met you not too long ago,
These feelings I cannot help, but show.
I do not know if it was your looks or your personality,
But I am sure as hell no miss congeneality.
I wear t-shirts and jeans,
I am not one for wearing flashy things.
I could have swore you flew down from heaven on a set of wings,
This time I am trusting my heart and not my mind.
This time I am pressing forward instead of rewind,
I am still wondering if you like me too.
I do not know what else to say I guess I'm through...

by Amanda Seltrecht

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Loved reading through the comments, especially the historical context provided by Terrence George Craddock back in 2010. Why does the Clerk bind a blue bandana round his ears? This one phrase throws me for a loop and alters what, on the surface, seems to be a study in peace.
Oddly eerie that my own morning's peace involves a plate of ham and eggs and dialing up this lovely website where I often find the most pleasant things to read. And after this it appears that today will be most wonderful.
i read and liked PEACE A STUDY...and my favourite line was about 'holiday'....everyday for the CLerk is a holiday....representing peace at work for 40yrs..is a holiday.....peace a study...a dream
First time I've ever heard of this poet; first time I've ever read this poem. Fun! Sorta like a pun. I'll read one more, maybe two or three; if I read any more I'm sure I'd shriek.
so if there is no actual Morning Herald, is it a generic ad?
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