BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

' Peace Can Be Found In The Storm'

You think you hurt and that life has treated you so unkindly
Friend let me tell you about someone who endured so much more
He endured more than any human upon this earth has before

He was laughed at and mocked by those whom he loved
He was wounded for our sins as well
By those whom he taught about God and good
His whereabouts to the enemies they still did tell

He was spat upon lashed, beaten beyond belief
Nowhere upon earth did his body find relief

His own mother watched him die
All sh could do was watch them torture him
Her son as she winced in pain on his behalf
“Oh how she did cry”!

He was torn, and tattered, beaten and scorned
Yet I am sure he hurt more for the hearts
That were broken and for all who for his death, mourned
He took so little for himself, for he came as a servant to all
And not once as he hang upon the cross suffering
Upon his many angels for help did he call!

So unworthy are we still of his life he gave for all
Don’t look back at who has hurt you the most
Or what is not right in your lives
For if Jesus hadn’t died for us-
Friend, you wouldn’t have a life at all!
©Copyright 2004 Becky LaPrarie

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Goodwork dear. Ths touches a true Christian, i included.
Becky This is a beautifully written piece. Yes, we only too often forget the one true meaning of life. Too many distractions from what really matters. Thankyou for this.....Love Duncan