Peace Dome Esperantist

Canada is the man king land
Whose ethnic groups in mosaic aggregate
Alteration by the kingdom bound
To independence and autocrat
The immensity of its territory
Its big lakes ad immense forest
Are leaving the mark of glory
But also the enslavement of uninvolved
From the East of our Maritimes
To the West of our Columbia
This take us by limousine
Four beautiful days and nights
Blended by Indians, English, and French
We want to give the example
That the yeast of indulgent
As only the foundation of cognizance
Our world should be imprinted
So that the morrow would be in tone
With work and love in its feelings
For justice and wholesome
The desire of the human race
No matter the faith or color
Survive the atomic threat
With everybody peace and love
Whatever the colour of your skin
Whatever the language you speak
Implanting Esperanto is the world dream
To form the foundation of peace.

by Caul Francis

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