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Peace For The Desolate
AI Apurva Iyengar ( / India)

Peace For The Desolate

When disturbed is your mind,
And future seems to be blind
When problems probe your heart
And life seems ridiculous…
(Soul falling apart.)

Come here, come home.
Set aside man made barriers
Feel nature, breathe nature
Pour your troubles out to her

Realize what god has given you
A home to live and that is nature
Sun for the day
Moon for the night
Forests for your shelter
Streams to quench your thirst
Fruits, your tummy’s worth.

Thunder teaches you to face
the danger,
Wind is your rescue ranger.
Watch the birds and animals …
It in itself is bliss, a lesson!
For us to learn oh man,
Upgraded creation.

She has bestowed all her wealth
She is your creator,
Your mother!
Come home, back to nature.

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wow an awesome poignant resonance of observation of all mankinds blind spots, places where the light is dimming usually blinkered and blinded by this all consuming rush rush, hurry hurry, culture that most all fall helpless victim to, unless they remember to switch on and remember to reconnect with there inner child, and remember that as we sow we reap. i am very impressed with your prose and look forward to reading more. yours with respect will munter leeds england