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Peace Is Our Goal - Memorial Day Meditation
LE (July 26,1951 / Englewood, NJ)

Peace Is Our Goal - Memorial Day Meditation

Poem By Lewis Eron

Your dream was to be with us
Yet you gave your life for us
So please forgive us
If we sometimes forget

Freedom is precious
And War marks a failure
Though Victory, opportunity
But we need to be brave.
For if Hatred divides us
Then Love can unite us
And Peace is our goal

May we remember
What we lost forever
And that through living comes life.
But Fear is our enemy
And Anger our foe
Though Hatred might divide us
Our Love can unite us
So help us be brave.

Hope will sustain us
And Memory maintain us
For you were our children
Our brothers, our sisters
Our neighbors, companions
And also our friends

So help us remember
When Hatred divides us
Your sacrifice can remind us
That Love will unite us
Our values will guide us
To wholeness, and wellness
Because peace is our goal

So please abide with us
And bless us and trust us
As we march on forward
To Peace, our shared goal.

Memorial Day, May 27,2019

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A very touching well written poem. May we achieve peace that will give way to ultimate freedom.