Peace Is Possible... For Trade..

Poem By Brian McBrand

When you can pray all you want......,
To the many princes of peace......,
Then Peace Is Possible…,
Even for religious fanatics…,

Some have avowed and pledged….,
To help all other humans….,
Who agree in the word….,
To their peaceful view….! ! !

So please tell the masses…..,
That this does resolve….,
Any problem…..

Both sides have it……,
And work towards it……,
And peace is Possible…! ! !

(Don't be angry with me.... Trade! ! !)

(This is not my opinion, it's just a cold, hard fact....! ! !)

Comments about Peace Is Possible... For Trade..

Nice Brian, you turned it around like a pro....! ! ! Thanks...! ! ! Years ago I wrote a song that I produced and recorded with B.B. titled, 'PEACE TO THE WORLD'...., back then, I truly thought peace was possible...., but now with the jihad going on I've changed my mind....! ! ! But I hope you're right....! ! ! Thanks again for the answer poem, it's an honor....! ! ! If you get a chance, please check my website: TRADEMARTINMUSIC.COM & keep in touch...! ! ! Best, T.M..

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