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Peace Is The Solution

Peace is the solution
Vision to soldiers leaving barracks with conviction
Attacking the weakness of defenseless global nations
To deepen the pockets of chairman stealing pensions
Crooked politicians
And enslaving institution’s
What’s wrong with reason?
Diplomacy and fair discussion
Morality based on education
A change in position
Described as treason
So people never listen
Reject and condemn men to social rejection
For questioning the system
Political intention
White men gone crazy with expansion for domination
Mad greed accumulation
Another man risking his life when peace is the solution
When occupation, through aggression
Enflame a peoples thirst in desired retaliation
A justified reaction
To unprovoked invasion
Self defence in aggression
The only just form of violence for vindication
And we call it terrorism
Evil fanaticism that will come and kill our children
Unless be bomb, rape and sniper each and every Muslim
From here to Jerusalem
Regardless of reason
And inevitable reaction
Innocence slaughtered at the rate of infection
Innocence slaughtered with the guilty is dissection
Ethnic cleansing
Genocide and mutilation
Bush a born again Hitler
Dug up for the mission

by One Tap

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