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Peace Of Mind
EM ( / Ashbridge, London)

Peace Of Mind

Poem By Edna Mitchell

This above all is what I pray for
Even sometimes with a knock at the dooe
Who knows will it bring joy or tear
This is what are most peoples fears
But God is good and kind
He knows whats in our minds
For who knows what lies around the corner
Please don't be a mourner
Maybe happiness is around the corner who knows
None of us knows which way the wind blows
So say to yourseld when you wake in the morning
I won't let this get me down even if it's pouring
So forward we go without fear
Knowing that God is forever near
Remember that there is a time and a place for everything
And nothing is impossible maybe impropable and see
Look at the day and say maybe its right for me
Who knows miracles do happen even in this day of age
Like looking in a book, and finding just what you thought on a page
Yes though life would really be like how nice
That would be paradise no paradise lost.

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