Peace Of Mind

You hear about holidays that people hate
but rarely of exotic taste, finding better fare,
Cheap enough for travel agents to promote
such resorts which they advertise with flair.
A visa to start will set your mind at ease.
Most controls need to see your passport,
wait a little in long queues to get into the air
but when you see the clouds from up there.
the either booked too late and had to wait.
You think you are almost down there,
and can feel the landing gear quickly bite,
into the dust with the wind rushing clear,
as keen concierge are prone to take delight
and provide the right service to a customer,
looking for a treat to make them feel please,
gratuitous tips will set their mind at ease.

Though experts give advice on legal matters,
the request that you must weigh points inside,
to set your mind at ease with desired answers,
you may not like files in briefcase discreetly hide
risk disk others have confide their passions known,
the spiced taste of medicine given in health advice,
a hot desert to match the hazardous pursuit,
of pleasures snuggled up with stress and hurt.

Of course there are great professionals out there,
who practice every day in quite another mode,
rest assured the church and state is well secure,
Legislation at the door, that favor is a governing code,
making the cost of living rise, equity values more,
you will concur, and welcome another substitute,
from the top of the basic list offering you peace,
in hope of setting your mind at ease.

Life has no guarantee in giving enormous overview,
take another look, see what you miss in the mirror,
try to find a younger picture but if you see a shadow,
humble and mute coming around towards you,
what you see is a reflection of time and not another.
Set your mind at ease the taunts will not last forever.
Dilemma or demise a prayer brings you to your knees;
other trading places will set your mind at ease.

by Gerry Legister

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