Peace Prize

He was a Plains man
from a Plains town/ Georgia

He served his country
as well as he served his Lord

He served them both from the belly
of a nuclear submarine

He so loved his Mother and adored his Wife/
the way a Plains man was expected to

And the/
People from his Plains town
And people from his country
Did what no one thought they would.

On the 200th year of the birth of his country
(though still fouled and stained)

He held this Republic in his hands/
This Plains man.

From a Plains town
became, somehow; President.

Washington/ corrupt corpus of the ebb
Crude deals/ silent remnants/ scandalous thoughts

The Constitution like bathroom tissue
Eulogies sounded

Pax/ In Saecula Saeculorum
Pax/ Miserere Nobis
Pax/ Quo Vadis?

Pax/ Pax/ Pax
Si vis pacem, para bellum

This Plains man/ From a Plains town
took a war and brought peace.

Pax between Jew and Arab.

500 students burning American flags
Outside of the Embassy in Tehran.

Hostages embrace/
444 days hence.

The Plains man is gone.
The 53 Americans released.
January 20,1981,

20 minutes after /
Ronald Reagan/
sworn in as President

by John Farrell

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