Peace - We Sang Give Peace A Chance

When I was a young lad I carried a sign
That called for peace in this world so divine
We marched and we sang of giving peace a chance
And had Joan Baez and John Lennon to sing and to chant

Our grand parents and parents had earned for us the right
To no more suffering, worry or other enemies to fight
So we thought we had won the day for people power
And the time of peace would come finally to savour

But now I am sorry to say for the world over for us all
There is violence, explosions and hatred in the call
And I see people marching and holding other signs
Putting others down and wanting confrontation in their designs

How do we get back to the love and peace generation
And ensure that the world is fit for our children in exultation?
I know that there is plenty for all to live in a harmonious time
The formula for peace I know it will be something we can find.

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

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