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Peace Within Thy Soul

In thy soul peace wil reside if you trust and walk by God's side;
Wisdom is the force that charts our course; Faith is the strength
that sees us thru life's trials and strifes; Love is what makes
our lives so right - so when troubles abound, don't despair, He
will repair your wears and tears; fret not the snares of foes, for
in His hands are cares will go; just have faith in His resolve and
Your worries will dissolve; ther's no problem He can't solve - no
obstacles He cant move, for His infinite power is His tool; in
Times of distress, He will give you rest - just embrace His sweet
Caress; when in grief, look to Him for relief - for if there's no
trust in Him, you'll have no peace within; and if you're weak, it
Is He you must seek - for His love is complete; therefore, trust in
Him your soul to keep, and tranquility will be found when you spread
His love all around, like the warm, floral scented Spring morning
Breeze, His love is pure and true, and the beauty in the land is
Sculptured by His hands; He makes the birds to thee to show
His love so tenderly; upon His love you can depend - He's your friend;
In His hands we are safe - there's no better dwelling place; His
Word is true, His path is clear - so foolish pride cannot come near;
in His laws you can trust - for His ways are always just.

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