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Dash into the darkness of the woods, that surround...
Feel the blackness, , , as the isolation seeps in all
around... Hear the sound, , , of the crickets, and the tree
frogs that sing... A new peace found, that's settling in...
Distant call of hoot owl, touches the spirit, deep within...
Down the beaten path, a clearing begins... Here in the
meadow, where the moonshines bright once again... Under
the moonlight, all critters come out, to dance and play...
Under the moonlight their intoxicated you could say... Stars
burning brightly, smells of jasmine and hay... Just, simply
lay back, as thoughts go astray... Time passes so quickly,
doesn't ever seem to wanna stay... Open my eye's, to a
silhouette of the sun... Before it turns into day... And the
cry of a night hawk... Before he flies away...

by Rebecca Navarre

Comments (2)

Wow.... a wonderful imagination expressed here. I enjoyed every line. Thanks for sharing 10+++++
This is a very nice nature poem.