Peaceful, Calming Seas

Poem By Emma Barrett

I sail above your mirrored depths -
the shades of jaded green;
Caverns stretching endlessly -
Tranquil and sub-marine.

Your skin that strokes the endless shores -
A call to come and play;
Of tides that rise, then drift away,
At different times each day.

A veil of sea-spray whips the bow
and trips upon the water,
on gentle swell, through glassy waves
that sighs with salt aroma.

Let me drift upon your depths,
Gently rocked to ease.
In silent, blue that meets the sky
On peaceful, calming seas.

Comments about Peaceful, Calming Seas

I think we're looking at really lovely metaphors here. But what do I know? And why aren't you writing more?
I really enjoyed that, it was a beautiful analogy. Esra Sloblock

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