Peaceful Death

As her depression resolved
and she returned to the real world,
the adult life that she had left behind,
twelve long years before, when she had gone mad,
and she had destroyed all that she had had.

Sobbing deeply and alone,
she sat before her empty life,
wondering what there was to live for;
and she knew now it had to quickly end,
the pain too great to live with, naught to mend.

The memories too shaming,
as she sipped her cocktail of drugs,
so carefully chosen, sipping slowly,
and slipped into the world of blessed sleep,
a sacred space, from which she would never seep.

At last it was all over
With god, in heaven, free from pain.
They found her, two cats gazing at her
as if entranced, but still mysterious.
Dead now, peaceful, still, no longer curious.

by Susan Alldred Lugton

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