Peaceful Melancholy

Along a dusty road with dried vegetation on each side
The tall grey trees with dust covered leaves stare
A dreary melancholy stare

Sun scorched barks creek in silence
In stillness they stand in the raging windless heat
Shading leaves with every movement of the earth

Still they sing beckoning songs to the rain
Singing with never ceasing hope
Songs of new beginning

Old shade leaves crackle away in deathly silence
The leafless trees whistle as the wind blows through the branches
As the rain is no where to be seen in the horizon
The trees remain still, in a patient hope
Waiting in a still peaceful melancholy.

for the following people:

TIRZAH- my best friend
RYAN THOMPSON - the wickedest poet his age ever
VALENTINE - the most charming man ever

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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Comments (4)

the poetic quality is so fine and i read it again and again cherishing the words and images.. thank you very much dear poetess.. tony
The wind and trees sing a song of nature
nice to read.........
Title is beautiful. Can we change the 'scotched' in to 'scorched' in the first line of the second para. 'Sun (scotched) scorched barks (creeks) creek in silence' Just a suggestion. Beautiful poem, gives hope.