Peaceful Rebellion

Brainwashed, conditioned to obey
Harsh rules laid down by foolish men.
Who tell you it’s the only way
while you are young and still children.

They have no answer when you ask,
but brush your questions aside
and sternly take you to task.
What is it that they have to hide.

Do they believe the things they teach?
I am quite sure there are a few
But most don’t practice what they preach
Whilst still insisting that you do.

I will not do as they expect.
I will rebel and choose my way.
I think it foolish to accept
as true the things they say.

I think it wise to scrutinise
The myths and legends we are taught.
Attempt to sift the truth from lies
From every source and every sort.


by ivor or ivor.e hogg

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Different strokes for different folks...One thing about being an adult that's a plus that we can pick and choose and not have to rebel.....I'd like to rebel about this site and it's mgmt. who have virtually not allowed access since nine pm last eve. until about ten minutes ago.....not even neighbors with two different carriers who access PH...So I don't know about 'peaceful' at the moment but I am ready to be a 'rebel.. The poem speaks volume, it's up to us to sift through and make our own choices, I think............marci.xo