Peaceful Solitude

Perchance to get some tranquil rest
Encouraging my soul,
A time deciding to be blessed
Caused me to take control...
Expressing joy in simple things,
Faith showing quite enough,
Until I sense that my heart sings,
Let loose by thoughts of love...
Such that I pause to think of you,
Of all the girls I've known,
Like one who's found a girl so true,
I feel I'm not alone...
To think of all the kisses shared,
Until our final day,
Delighting in the fact you cared,
Each time we paused to pray...

Denis Martindale May 2017.

This acrostic style poem PEACEFUL SOLITUDE
is actually telling the story of a man who fell in love,
got married, lived a long happy life with his wife,
until she passed away. Only later could he finally
come to terms with the loss and it is now that he
can experience peaceful solitude, because even
though she passed away, his precious memories
of her live on, in his thankful heart...

by Denis Martindale

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