AR (27 agosto 1982 / El Salvador)

Peacefully Goodbye

A warm hug from you to me increased the pain
I know the life was built to live it making sacrifices till the end
A lovely kiss from you to me increased the harm
i know this lands were made to run and fly upon their grass

But the clouds are black since a few months ago
Nor sunshine to light my wishes and my hopes
So i took this sharped knife with all my strengh
it was beautiful and so clean than i even saw my eyes on it

Now it was close, I say a pray for those I left
I say goodbye to any enemie I had
I scream your name so you can hear my pain
the time is closer and I can see it on my eyes

With the precision that only malice can give
I cutted my arm, from my weak wirst till my fuckin elbow
I saw my being flowing toward to the end
I never meant to be this fast,
but i guess as the life comes shall go as well...

as the blood runs all over my leg
I ask forgiveness to those i hurted in the past
none proud will be within my heart
and none tears will you see beneath my sweet eyelids

I know Indeed this is not good for some
please dont judge if you never had been me
what I did was something I needed to do
and its done, so let me rest peacefully toward I go

The time is just an interval to exist
behalf my death there is none special point of view
just recall from now my name
and when I am gone, please tell to everyone that i am not dead
just too far away...


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