Peacefully We May Lie! ! !

Poem By Kumar Kumar

He lived deep within the woods, staying away from all,
playing with animals, they were the only friends to call,
some liked him, but as a stranger he remained to many,
there were smiles all around, but he could not have any.

He studied in the local college, near by the river side,
no one used to talk to him, as he was always kept aside,
but one girl had a very soft corner for him in her heart,
she stared endlessly, until into the woods he would depart.

Everynight through her window, she would see a faint light,
that twinkles beneath the moon shining bright and white,
she knows the man of her dreams is living there all alone,
deep within she is worried whether her love will be known.

After darkness sets in, on a piece of paper, he would write,
the girl sitting front, i couldn't take her out of my sight,
she is so pretty that i always get her cornered in my eyes,
is it just a dream or she is really an angel in disguise.

Each one had so much of love for the other in their heart,
they couldn't tell as they thought the other one is smart,
days kept rolling out, and then came the day for their prom,
finally they met and talked, like where they are really from.

Even after saying many goodbyes, they stood at the same place,
their hearts were being exchanged even without a embrace,
as the moon came out to shine brightly above their head,
they confessed thier love, to only see their face turning red.

They tattooed their names deep beyond any force could erase,
their love was such, someday in books they will hold a place,
they always dreamt of a fairytake ending found in stories,
shining for eternity like one of those stars, the sky carries.

As they were playing in the woods, the girl's dad came around,
he and his men, were suprised to hear a very similar sound,
slowly as they crept in, they were shocked to see them together,
talking about their love and how they want it to last forever.

Angry at what's happening before, they tied the guy to a tree,
with tears rolling from her eyes, she couldn't set her man free,
taking the logs thrown around, he was beaten black and blue,
angrily she said, 'Daddy! It wasn't his fault, i loved him too'.

Bleeding profusely he knew, that he had reached the end of light,
stretching out, he wanted to hold his angel one last time tight,
with tears joining the blood, he patiently holded onto his breath,
his Juliet stood there helplessly watching her Romeo's death.

Finally everything turned dark and he embraced into god's love,
silently she watched her man's soul, talking a journey above,
everyone were smiling thinking what a good deed they have done,
with heart broken, her teary eyes turned towards her dad's gun.

Pulling out the gun from her dad's waist, she shot on her head,
smiling she said, 'you've lost dad b'coz together we are moving ahead.
now you'll realize daddy, how it hurts to see your loved one die,
atleast dig our graves together, so that 'Peacefully We May Lie'.

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