All of these fights
There must be a winner
Must be a loser
There must be a predator
And the prey
But always one to save the day

The peacemaker yea
The peacemaker
Doing whatever he can to stop the pain
He has no shame

All of this pain
Striking every one of us
Feeling so undertaken
All of the commotion its makin

Then comes along
One who knows how to correct the wrong
Showing what is right
And how to stop a fight
He is, he is (chorus)

Peace he brings
Peace he; s got
He doesn't leave it all to rot

He see the stuggle
Sees the pain
Thinks everyones insane

He throws them some magic
Hoping everyone will catch it
And bring them back to sanity
Back to reality
He is, he is

by Dan Uher

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