CK ( / California)

Peach Jam

Pick the peaches then peel and core,
Canning’s not that big o’ chore.
Cook the fruit in a large pot,
Sterilize jars and keep ‘em hot.
Fill the jars and wipe the rims,
Water-bath for twenty mins.
Set out to cool in draft-free room,
Check the seal by tapping with spoon.
They haven’t sealed, I’ll try again,
Only this time water-bath for twenty-five mins.
The pots, the syrup, it’s all such a mess.
Me thinks I don’t like this cannin’ business.
The cook-book makes it sound so easy,
so how come the kitchen’s whirlin’
An’ I’m get’n queasy.
I started this morning at half past eight,
Now the temperature’s risin’ and it’s gettin’ late.
Set ‘em out to cool once more,
next year I’ll buy jam from the store.
The lids aren’t tight…
not a one did seal,
We’ll be eatin’ peach jam with every meal!

by Candy Kelly

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