So a thing called depression
Crept deep inside of me
It starting chewing at my heart
until it found my self esteem

Now that that's gone
and half my heart's left
I guess it keeps going
on through my chest

Up my back it goes
taking out my spine
making me unsure
but now it's in my mind

It sneaked inside and croutched
in the darkest, dampest place
Not even god him self has been
and peaked to see it's face

It's ugly and disgusting
And makes me want to die
And when I'm feeling happy
It's washed away while i cry

i want to stop it in so many ways
but in other i dont
Because i'm so used to it
it's the only life-style i've known

And when you're happy again
even though it doesnt last
It feels so clean and new
And you feel you've returned from the past!

But I've been in the hole
And i can't find a ladder out
I can't dig a a tunnel
Or i'll find myself in deeper doubt

But I have some friends above
ready to rescue me
I'm grateful for them
And their wonderful company

This poem is for you Peaches
I dont need you to understand
I love you none-the-less
You always lend me your hand

So in return I'll give you mine
No matter the problem given
I'll be glad to just listen to you
And know your heart so driven

by Vonnie Enochs

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