Peacock Story 6 - Confrontation Witnessed Through The Kitchen Window

She stands her ground -
Gone is the insignificant pea-hen
with head bowed.
In her stead, a terrifying Brunhilde
fiercely flaunts her feathered shield.

Her armoured feet are placed in fourth position.
Her eyes stare intently at the ground.
She backs up,
by step -
as in a trance.

Suddenly she turns on the intruder,
feathers fanning furiously,
beak making a sharp clicking sound.

The little red wattle-bird
flits in and a out of the azaleas
enjoying his game of hide and seek.
Every now and then,
he sneaks
another morsel
of Brunhilde's feast.

The heroic shield-maiden
attacks again and again -
eyes focused hypnotically,
neck plumped to twice its size.

All at once, the drama is interrupted
by a black and white magpie
who swoops down beside her,
stands on one leg,
and chortles appreciatively -
like a Greek chorus.

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (12)

A thrilling account with a surprise ending. Brunhilde is an apt choice for the imagery. Now, I will be looking out my back window and watching squirrels, thinking about Brunhilde.
Oh man! I've said this previously, I'm not a bird lover. BUT, through your poetry I have been able to observe the nature of birds (all kinds) with appreciation more clearly now and watch them and enjoy their little social behavior. You're talent for getting the reader practically INTO the poem itself is genius. The reader feels like they are there, watching the birds themselves! Thanks! Ashley xo
Alison, next time this pea-hen becomes Brunhilde...put on Wagner for appropriate background music! The Magpie...that was Loki, up to his tricks, and having a great, good laugh! You brought this story into so much of what REALLY happens with fowl...I had to go to my window, to check on what was happening in the yard! ! This was FUN to read. Because every word is TRUE! Thanks for this! ! xxElysabeth
Beautifully written here, Ali. I felt i was the other witness too! I was imagining here that i saw a little action in a tv show..minus of course the background music..ha ha. Cheers! you're wonderful.. love ya, Meg
excellent to read - feel i was there! beautifully written.
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