Farewell School Poem

Tick tock… tick tock… tick tock…
We count down our time here on this internal clock.
Our days here are quickly coming to their ends.
As it is almost time to say good bye to all of our friends.

Memories that feel as if
they were yesterday.
Quickly turning to flashes of moments
that seem to fade away.

People we once knew
we may look at in ten years
without the slightest clue.
And we may even think to ourselves who.

The times here we once shared,
may feel as if they were never there.

Years fly.
People die.
ANs you never know when could be your last
good bye.

I sometimes wish I could turn back time.
And cherish what is rightfully mine.

Or go back even more.
To those childhood memories which lure.

We’re gonna miss the way school can
make one feel.
We’ll miss the friends
and memories that felt so real.

We’ll move ahead and not look back.
We won’t worry about past slack.

Reality will start today.
Our past mistakes will fade away.

Looking in the mirror,
It may come as a surprise,
the completely different
people we see in each other’s eyes.

We will rise
to reach any prize.
And we will fall.
But that can only help us to grow tall.

We’ll enter the world,
With smiles on our faces.
Ready to make this world
a better place.

Although our time here at gami is done,
We’ll take the life lessons we’ve learned and run.
We may forget the little things.
But never ever will we forget all that life can bring.

And if we’re ever caught in a slum,
We must never forget where we come from.
Absegami will always be here.
A home to us that is always near.

by Danielle Perez

Comments (15)

Not a poem for the birds... very sad, nature is not always kind, especially to the innocent... Glad to be enjoying your work today, thanks! Lee
Very touching really...oh, so sad..but tell Ms. P. she'll have the five freckled eggs next time..
A truly haunting epigram that lives up to its title. The comments are fascinating. Some readers thought the babies had grown and others took them for victims of violence. I thought they were done in but now am unsure. I think I shall savor the ambiguity.
Surely nature at her worst?
Just a few words but again, Allie, you have managed to create not just a story but an atmosphere. Eleven comments before this one prove that you have got the message across in your inimitable way. A sad poem, yes, but it's good to be able to read quality poetry again. Top marks. Love, Fran xxx
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