Peacock Story 9 - Joy Of Joys

They call her Milly
next door,
but we think Milly
is rather silly.
She’ll always be
Miss P to us.

They knocked
round lunchtime yesterday
‘Milly’s back
and guess what? ’

We crept up the path
(tinder dry after summer heat)
and spied her
wandering casually
and maternally
among the dead azaleas
with three young chicks
in tow -

Joy of joys!
(we thought she'd flown) .

We watched
as they wolfed
the crumbs of bread -
hungry it would seem
and completely at peace
with their world.

We spoke about
‘last year’
and the lone chick
who lingered… not long enough.

And shared a prayer
that the cats,
the kookaburras
and the currawongs
might leave them alone this time.

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (8)

This has such a wholesome feel about it, Thankyou Alison, Love duncan X
I once stayed at a farm where they had peacocks roaming the grounds. They are truly fascinating creatures. They would wake me every morning calling by my window and wouldn't be quiet until I threw them some bread. Those memories came flooding back with this finely crafted poem. Excellent write. Andrew
I love this story Allie, it's so optimistic! So full of life... and oh to see if any of those chicks end up being the beautiful males, all strutting with their feathers so fine! Just lovely. HG: -) xx
Another fine chapter in the life of Miss P. I hope that this one has a happy, positive ending. Lovely write, Alison. Warmest regards, Sandra
Dear Allie Joy, indeed.! ! A fine tale of nature's need to continue life.....intimately and lovingly told......may they live safely and flourish in peace......a fine extended family you have there....... now I must google an image of a currawong.......such delightful names your native critters have.. Love, D.xxxxxx.
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