RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Pearl Harbor

Upon the waking hour, in there beds they soundly slept.
To be awaken by such fury, I can't begin to imagin the nitemare which was uncrept.

Screaming for there crewmates, grab your coats and guns.
There is no sleep for the weary, when our nation is in danger from someone.

They stand proud on that helm, raising to fight for us.
No danger for them do they fear, there courage so proudly undone.

The planes they fly above with missles coming down,
Many live's destoyed that day, oh how sad we must count down.

Is there a victor in this battle or is it in vain?
Do they fight for freedom, what's there cause or gain?

We now know that day as Pearl Harbor when so many souls were laid to rest.

Can we count the faces of so many gone and left?

More so do we continue to rage and raise our guns?

Or do we try to undue all the damaged so long ago done.

There lives are no less valued be it now or then.
I just cannot in good conscience kill to make right the dead.

Do you see my reason, do you see the same?

I hope my words have helped you and you continue to remember them all.

For without each other our nation would fall.

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