No One

No one understands me
No one understands what’s inside
No one understands what I think
No one understands what I do.

No one knows how I feel
How I feel about certain things
How I feel towards certain people.

No one can feel what I do
No one can feel my hurt
No one can feel my pain
No one can feel my sorrows.

No one sees my tears
No one sees what I see
No one sees what my eyes see
No one sees me in the mirror.

People think they know everything
About me.
They think they know what I feel.
But they are wrong.

When will I stop worrying?
When will I stop crying?
When will I stop wondering?

It seems that my pain could
Go on forever if I let it.

My tears are turning running cold
Against my cheeks.

My eyes are tired of releasing my pain
My heart is tired of trying to glue itself
Together from the heartbreaks.
My hands are tired from wiping these tears away
Night after night.

by Kimberly Santistevan

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