Pearly Gates

The time has Come
My life is Done
And I am standing in front
of the pearly gates

Now the gates are Closed
And I feel totally Exposed
And Saint Peter
is looking down at Me

I sense his Stare
I feel the Despair
And I don't really Dare
To ask if I can go In

So Pete say's to Me
I suppose you want the Key?
Yes Yes, I Plea
Well we will See

So have you been a good Man?
Did you do what ever you Can?
To cleanse your Soul
And achieve your Goals?

Yes I did, I'm not Stupid
Ok, I will have to let you In
For I see no Sin
But I am keeping an Eye on You

So be Good!

by David Darbyshire

Comments (3)

I know a joke about this.... three women stand before peter, he sais they may all enter heaven on the proviso that none of them tread on a duck. So in they all go, ducks everywhere! Within ten minutes one of them treads on a duck. St Peter appears witht the ugliest man you have ever seen and chains him to the woman. He sais you will spend the rest of eternity with this man. So the remaining two women are extra careful, but within a day another has trodden on a duck. St Peter appears with an ugly man. The last woman vowels to be extra extra careful and goes months without stepping on a duck. Then one day St Peter appears with the most beautiful man alive (that's you Dave :) and chains him to the woman. As she is feeling extra pleased with herself the man turns to her and sais 'I dunno about you but I trod on a duck! '. Molexx
You will make it just for the way you make us all smile. Big Hug Patricia
If he hadn't let you in, Davey, I'd have shot straight up and punched his lights out! : -) Listen, I recommend you to read 'At Death's Door' by Jerry Hughes - it's a screaming laugh! ! Happy weekend, sweetness, and spare a thought for my poor old soul while you're up there! : -) Gina.