Pearson's Immortality

Oh what a shame
I say, he's gone
it's not the same
without the Don
as he regarded
his poet self
was he awarded
by an elf
five stars or more
and public mention?

He was a bore
with mean intention
and a disorder
of mind and spirit
close to the border
where he could stir it
this soup of hate
and envy salad
he loved debate
but nothing valid
did cross his lips
for us to hear
a sunken ship
can't see the pier.

Perhaps he's gone
to old Valhalla
was he a con
who's fooling Allah?
Oh no, my friend
that final portal
is not the end,
he is immortal.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Is he really gone...or is he possibly floating around under psuedonem? ? ? ? A question to Oh well...farewell to bad rubbish. Good write Herbert!
yes Herbert the only claim to fame he has is the fact that he made it into a couple of poems, written by i wont mention any names other poets he has no base in poetry all of a sudden he turns up in the forum and at the bottum of my work your work a couple of other poets do you think he could be one of carters pupils gone wrong or is he the offspring of that fellow from Baltimore another one of carters pupils or is he carters son or the result of a night out gone wrong anyway the good thing about all this is it gives us material for a bit of fun in between our serious stuff Warm regards allan
This is a great poem! ! Most original piece I have read all morning....All the best, Gainor V.