Peasant Wisdom For The New Year

Peasant walks in veggie scene, finds his feet are, later, green.
Peasant likes a dropp of ale, his complexion will be pale.
On the tractor falls asleep peasant ends up in a heap.
When the helper pisses down peasant needs to change his gown. Calls the peasant from the rafter it is not the chook he's after.
Comes the milk out of the teat, frozen, barn does need more heat.
Peasant has been known to fart, no one thinks of it as art.
New Year's Eve with lots of snow means the New Year soon will show.
Springtime weather New Year's Eve means the old year soon will leave.


by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

This is brilliant Herbert. I read it three times on the trot and I still havn't stopped laughing. If I'm not in pain, or in a phsychiatric ward, I''l return to it later. I don't think I'm going to find anything funnier than this. So wise these country folk. So wise.
A great poem Herbert! And I hope the last line is correct cause it feels like Spring here right now......... Wonderful work as usual. :) Sincerely, Mary