Pebble In The Sea

I watched her walk away,
Her lanky arms swung in the wind,
Her jacket softly brushed against itself,
Painted a soft dull green,
Her hair hid under her knitted woven hat,
Showing the lower lobe of her ears,
Where her earrings matched her bright white smile,
A joyous occusion,
To see her smile,
Her eyes peeked through the clear lens of her thick black glasses,
I can't help but think,
Anything else would be an understatement,
Would I think the same thing,
Through someone else's eyes,
Such music,
The way her voice vocalized,
The indentions left in her cheeks,
Her skin wore a radiant brown,
Beautiful in color,
Her blush shown red as her cheeks could go no higher,
Her smile stretched comfortably across her face,
Leaving more to the imagination,
If I gave my eyes to someone else,
Would they see the same as I saw,
No longer blind as I felt I could be myself,
No longer a pebble in the sea of her eye

by Kewayne Wadley

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Comments (13)

A beautiful poem about your love Kewayne
Loaded with a love that is lovely! Well done!
Wow, what a picture! Lovely poem I enjoyed reading like I was at the shore looking at that lady..Of course it's 10++++++
this is beautiful, really
Superb poem...Left me wondering and speechlessssssssssssss..10+++
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