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Pebble In The Well

Pebble in the well

Have heard it times and times
-thanks to my mother tongue
-thanks to the clean hearts
-and brave, open minds:
- "A madman dropped a
-pebble in water-well;
-Hundreds of wise-men
-could not find, recover."

Millions live on land
-known to world, all around
-as mother to French
- "Statue in water"
-which is named: "Liberty"
-to have shown mankind's hopes
-for living in Man's way
-which had been expected
-for long and for ages:
- "Free, Wise with Justice."
- "Equals, brothers…"

Torch was meant to lead us
-but fell in hands of vile;
-to be sent to the dark.

Stole it, Donald Trump
- "The mad with the pebbles; "
-who reveals, Twitters…
-madman's words, how to hate…

Poor friends, Americans…
-my child and grandchild
-who are heirs to his mess
-can never recover
-from what he has made
-and will make while is there!
-He is worse than Hitler, Stalin
-let's call him: "Worst devil"

His words, sure, shake the world
-and US can never, can't ever recover.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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