Peeping Eyes Of The Morning

There it is, with its elegance
Cool and gentle, a dove it is
Peeping from the windows of
Heaven, it's lurking eyes
Dropping pecks of light
To God's swollen feet.
Gradually, the dark gown
It unwears, the beautiful
Artistic designs in colourful
Display rainbow in the sky
It's stomach pregnant
A mother the labour room
To perform her labour.
I keep asking myself, will
This peeping eyes
A better dry log? Or
Wet log on fire?
Your eyes I pray, be not harsh
For in you,
We shall swim and
Your water be not too hot
Nor too cold
But warm, that even the kids swim
Come quick oh you
Beautiful damsel
For in love I await you
Come quick beautiful morning for my eyes are weary seeing the nights
And slowly I see the
Peeping morning slowly
Taking it's seat,
And night, a fallen monument
Good morning

by chukwuemeke Bright

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