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Peer Pressure
TS (7/28/87 / California)

Peer Pressure

Standing in the crowd
feeling all alone,
I search for my place
my social home.
So many ways to go,
so little time to lose.
I have to find my place;
I have to choose.
Will I be a jock,
or will my grades be a lock?
Will I be the emo
that wishes he could rock.
So many voices,
offering so many choices,
can't I just drain
all these conflicting noises?
Even though, I could be any one
that catches my attention,
none of them really fit
my own personal dimension.
All give me a facade,
that only others applaud,
when in fact,
it doesn't please my God.
The one Whom helped me shape
who I really am.
The Love who didn't care
if I did or did not fit in.
He defines my character
and gives me my delight,
inspiring a drive,
to finish the fight.
He gives me something
I have never had before.
Pushing me to a side of myself
I have never explored.
So why do I strive to be
someone I am not?
When the real person I am
is the person I forgot.

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